Relief Cream

reliefRelief Cream - Hands

Hand Relief - after a long knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving time- Tender Shepherd is Relief! Use as you start and you will find your hands more comfortable during your project!

Relief Cream-
Foot Care

Skincare for fiber artist
Relief Cream

Muscle Tension

If you experience Painful muscle tension.. Come to the the Tender Shepherd Relief!
You don't have to put up with it as most of our customers notice a difference within 5 minutes or less. Ready for the Shepherd to help? Order Now!

Relief Cream for Hands, Muscle Tension & Feet

relief cream






At Tender Shepherd we are very aware of your needs. We believe your hands and feet should be soothed and comforted so we brought you Relief! Tender Shepherd Relief Cream also brings Relief to sore muscles and tension that can come with enjoying your fiber arts. From now on come to the Tender Shepherd before and after your Fiber art time and enjoy Relief! Relief can always go with you as its 4 oz jar can easily fit in your bag!


Relief! Muscle, Feet & Hands Comfort Cream

Relief is formulated to bring soothing comfort to some of the aches and pains that go with fiber artists. It is the perfect choice to relieve tired hand and muscle discomfort. Great foot cream ! Excellent muscle tension Relief cream

Use Relief and then add our Renew Bar to Spoil Your Sockworthy Feet while in the Tub!

Renew! Renew your feet! If your feet are worthy of hand knit socks! They should be spoiled with our unique Renew footcare renew bar~

It is pedicure! Its a massage! It's callouses disappearing! It's a pep in your step! It is Renew! Renew your sockwothy feet! And they will never be the same!

So good it comes with addiction warnings!

Relief Cream

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